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The code above enables one to use the WLH optical potential, the first global optical potential with uncertainty quantification. The code samples from distributions of the model parameters to generate a statistical ensemble of optical poentials from which theoretical uncertainties for scattering observables may be estimated. It has been saved as a text file "WLH.txt" to ensure that the download is not blocked. The file extension should be changed from ".txt" to ".py". To run the file you will need python3 and numpy installed.  Before running, set the following values:

pulls -> Number of random samples from the parameter distributions. Each sample defines a random global optical potential
         to be used in the calculation of a given reaction. To obtain good statistics for elastic scattering, we found 5000 
         samples to be sufficient.

xp    -> Number of protons in the nucleus.

xa    -> Number of nucleons in the nucleus.

xe    -> Projectile energy in units of MeV.

numparam - Number of model parameters in the global optical potential. This value should not change.

Running the code will save Woods-Saxon parameters (depth,radius,diffuseness) for each term in the optical potential to an output file. 

Version 2 fixed a bug in the original code (9-29-21)
For additional details on the WLH global optical potential visit: https://journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevLett.127.182502

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